Building a Scalable Sales Machine
Online workshop with Don McKenzie, Tribe Global Ventures 
Online Workshop
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Thursday 28th September
9am AEST / 10am AEDT / 7am AWST
Rapidly growing sales is one of the biggest challenges of any business. It is frustrating to put everything into building your business, but you just aren't getting the sales traction you deserve.

We want to help by making this portfolio session open to all B2B focused companies.

We see's hundreds of potential investments every year and find the following to be true: 
  • It is never the best product or service that wins, it is the best marketed and sold product or service that wins. 
  • Founders are the engine room of early marketing and sales results, and that creates a frustrating limit to growth. 
  • Transitioning from founder lead sales, to a systemic marketing and sales machine is really hard.

Tribe gets to see a lot of different approaches to marketing and sales, and tries to put together the best ideas. We work with our portfolio to provide frameworks and tools to help systemise the following steps: 
  • Brand awareness: customer goes from unaware to aware you exist. 
  • Lead generation: customer is willing to share contact details.
  • Lead nature: Content and conversation that ads value to a customer and builds trust. 
  • Sales conversion: Converting the lead into $. 
  • Customer growth: increasing the value of the customer.
Potential customers will engage when they hear or read words that resonate with their story and situation. The more compelling and connected to their story, the faster they will take action.

This workshop will help you get this right for your customers, and therefore your company. 

 Who should attend? 
Founders, investors, and key members of your team. Invite them so you are on the same page. 
The session will cover
Understanding your customers story and what will resonate. 
Creating a high conversion one-liner.  
Website messaging to create action.  
The most successful strategies we see for lead to sales conversion. 
Diagnose issues that may slow the growth of your product or service. 
Don McKenzie
Don McKenzie is an award winning entrepreneur turned investor. Don has been investing for nearly 20 years, with 15 years investing in venture and early stage companies, with a focus on ‘active investment’ . Don was previously the Managing Director of the Adizes Institute Australia, a consultancy firm focused on helping founders and CEOs with organisational design and performance improvement. 
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