Organisational Lifecycles 
Online workshop with Don McKenzie, Tribe Global Ventures 
Online Workshop
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Thursday 5 October
10am AEST / 11am AEDT / 8am AWST
Having problems is not only inevitable in any business, the right problems are actually desired.

Not all problems are equal however. There are normal, abnormal and fatal problems depending on your particular stage of the lifecycle. Additionally, the people you need also change based on your progression in the lifecycle.

Why is understanding the lifecycle important? If you know the road ahead, you can go faster with less risk of potholes and crashes. 

What is the reward for solving all the problems of your current lifecycle phase? All the problems of the next phase!

As long as they are the right problems, problems are good to have if you know what to deal with, and in what sequence.

 Who should attend? 
Founders and investors, and key members of your team. Invite them in and then decide what works for you.
What will the sessions cover?
A deep dive into predictable phases of an organisations lifecycle.
Ability to predict issues that lay ahead, so you can proactively solve them today. 
Help your team understand what is normal, abnormal & fatal. 
"How to" strategies to solve common issues in the growing phase of the lifecycle. 
Organisational structure changes based on lifecycle phases. 
Don McKenzie
Don McKenzie is an award winning entrepreneur turned investor. Don has been investing for nearly 20 years, with 15 years investing in venture and early stage companies, with a focus on ‘active investment’ . Don was previously the Managing Director of the Adizes Institute Australia, a consultancy firm focused on helping founders and CEOs with organisational design and performance improvement. 
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